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Hard drive failure is one of the first problems a PC or laptop might have. They are essentially one of the last remaining piece of mechanical hardware in a modern PC. A hard drive problem can be detected early, but if it goes too long you might begin to lose data, crash, and not be able to boot to recover data. If you begin to have issues or already have a un-bootable drive, we can run recovery on the drive and might be able to save your precious data.

We also service solid state hard drives, and if for some reason we cannot recover any data, there is NO CHARGE to you. Again, there is NO CHARGE unless we are ABLE to recover data.

If the drive is too damaged for us to repair, we can give you a quote to have the entire hard drive rebuilt in a clean-room hard drive center. Contact us for more information.

  • State of the art software and hardware are used to rebuild even some of the worst hard drives.

  • Data recovery is 100% confidential and is not stored on any hardware after drive recovery is complete. 

  • Pictures / Documents / Data is only recoverable, programs cannot be recovered.

Hard Drive Recovery

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